Manual 14. Mediterranean Old-Growth Forests: Characteristics and Management Criteria in Protected Areas

This manual summarizes the main results of the LIFE RedBosques project. A review is made of the main characteristics of old-growth forests, their value in terms of biodiversity conservation and their usefulness as a reference for conservation and management. In addition, guidelines are given for the management of forests according to their degree of maturity, and measures are proposed for forest management and silviculture that can be used to foster some atributes linked to maturity.

LIFE RedBosques Layman´s Report

This document summarizes in a simple and graphic way the conceptual framework, objectives, actions and results of the LIFE RedBosques project.

Old-growth forests: characteristics and conservation value

This document provides an exhaustive review of the scientific state of the art on forest maturity and its different meanings, and synthesizes the most significant and observable characteristics of old-growth stands. These include the existence of very old trees, gaps in the canopy that allows the regeneration of shade tolerant species, significant amounts of dead wood – both standing and in the soil – , a clear vertical diversification, and the absence of anthropic interventions.

Mature Forests. Frequently asked questions

This document offers a compilation of the questions most commonly asked regarding forest maturity, by professionals and the general public alike. these questions are arranged by subject, and the answers are based on scientific literature and the contributions of a large group of experienced subject-matter experts.

Fact sheet of LIFE RedBosques project.

It summarizes the project’s main goals and actions and explains how several stakeholder groups can participate in the project. The project’s fact sheet is available in Spanish and English versions.

Notice board of LIFE RedBosques project.

It provides a summary of the project. Copies of the noticeboard are currently visible in all venues where project’s actions are being developed (Spanish).

Social and economic impact of managing forests with conservation goals

This document includes, with data and concrete examples, the economic and social impact that the RedBosques forest management and networking model has had, both for forest owners and for society as a whole. Evidence of the effects of the project on the incorporation of the concept of mature forest in the technical field is provided. In particular, the investments made during the duration of the project are shown: for the identification of old-growth stands and for silvicultural management aimed at promoting maturity. These data show the technical, economic and social potential that can be achieved if these actions are multiplied in a broader territory over the years.

Report for the European Commission in which the actions carried out in the project and the results obtained are exhaustively described.


Project Facts

Funding: European Union through the programme LIFE Environmental Governance & Information 2015.
Project reference: LIFE Redcapacita_2015 (LIFE15 GIE/ES/000809)
Total budget: 590.154 €
Duration: September 2016 – October 2019
Coordinator: Fundación Fernando González Bernáldez
Partners: Generalitat de Catalunya, CREAF, Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera

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