A.1   Directory

As a preparatory action, potential target audience (protected area managers, forest managers and other public officers and employees) and stakeholders (rangers, forest owners, NGOs, private companies involved in conservation, academy) have been identified and included in a database, with more than 1.900 entries.
This audience receives all project information through a mailing list: advances, news, technical reports, results, etc.  If you want to be part of it, please, write to

B.1   Technical discussion forum

Target audience has been invited to join the project’s working group, where draft documents are discussed, best practices and case studies are identified, and technical discussions regarding conservation and adaptation management are held, between others. To this end, a RedIris-CSIC mailing list has been set as an online technical discussion forum.

In July 2017, the working group comprises 95 professionals belonging both national and regional administration (14 out of 17 regions and some provinces with forest and protected areas management responsibilities) and other public officers and employees.

If you are a protected area manager or a forest manager and you work for the public administration, you can participate in the working group and in the technical discussion forum. To this end you can write to

B.2   Exchange programme for protected area managers and rangers

In 2017 and 2018 three exchange calls will go out, aimed to protected areas professionals (both specialists and rangers). The main goal of these exchanges is to visit different demonstrative management actions.

B.3   Baseline scenarios for Mediterranean forests management

A protocol for the identification of old-growth forests will be developed and a National Network of Reference Forests will be identified. The results will be presented and discussed in a technical seminar in Els Ports Natural Park.

B.4   Identification of best practices for forest management with conservation and climate change adaptation objectives

In 2018 forest management best practices will be gathered and disseminated through an online database. Results will be presented and discussed in a technical seminar in Guadalajara.

B.5   Criteria for the design and implementation of forestry management practices in Natura 2000 Mediterranean forests

In 2019, based both on the results of the previous project actions and new professional contributions, criteria for the design and implementation of forestry management practices in Natura 2000 Mediterranean forests will be developed.

B.6   Demonstrative actions in Habitats of European Interest in Natura 2000

Forest management demonstrative actions with conservation and climate change adaptation goals will be executed in Els Ports Natural Park (starting in 2017). These actions will be developed in three different forests and are aimed to develop forest planning with conservation goals and to execute different habitat improvements.

B.7  Development of specific software for assessing and monitoring  Reference Forests

Working together with the CREAF, new software will be developed for gathering, processing and disseminating information regarding the Reference Forests Network (B3)

B.8   Training for Natura 2000 professionals

In 2019 three courses will be imparted in order to transfer project results to target audience and stakeholders (in particular to forest owners).

B.9   Technical documentation for Natura 2000 mediterranean forests management

All project results will be published in the form of a technical manual that will be distributed to all interested audience. Different videos, with dissemination oriented contents, will be also elaborated and distributed.

D.1.  Communication and dissemination actions

Different communication actions will be executed through all project life through social networks and a biannual newsletter, between others.

Project facts

Funding: European Union through the programme LIFE Environmental Governance & Information 2015.
Project reference: LIFE Redcapacita_2015 (LIFE15 GIE/ES/000809)
Total budget: 590.154 €
Duration: September 2016 – October 2019
Coordinator: Fundación Fernando González Bernáldez
Partners: Generalitat de Catalunya, CREAF, Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera

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