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The last remnants of forest in the Mediterranean area showing traits of maturity are very few (throughout the Mediterranean region these represent less than 2% of wooded areas) since the demand for timber has caused nearly all of the forests we know today to be altered by human action.

These remnants are dispersed in isolated locations where logging has become unprofitable, which has allowed ecological processes linked to maturity to recover. These surviving old-growth stands are of huge interest for their complexity, their scarcity and the highly specialised and often endangered biodiversity they host. Their identification is therefore considered a priority.

The best examples of each forest type are identified as stands of reference: these may be an invaluable aid to learning about unmanaged forests and how to manage productive forests more efficiently. In addition, they contribute to the evaluation of the conservation status of habitats of Community interest.


What is forest maturity?


Identification of mature stands


Network of reference stands



Lunes, 30 Marzo, 2020

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